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Wire & Cable Technology International is the Official Magazine of the IWCS, and the publisher of the IWCS Suppliers Exhibition Directory.

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Wire & Cable Technology International
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High Performance Fillers 2007
Hamburg, Germany, 14-15 March 2007
Rapra Conference Proceedings

Fillers are playing an increasingly important role in polymer applications, a trend that will increase with the rise in the cost of oil and hence polymer feedstocks. Increasingly though, fillers are seen as high performance additives, not just cost lowering diluents, and this is the focus of Rapra’s third 2-day international conference on high performance fillers.

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Plastic Flame Retardants: Technology and Current Developments
Rapra Review Reports, Vol. 14, No.12, Report 168, 2004
By J. Innes and A. Innes

This review provides a clear overview of the state-of-the-art of flame retardancy for plastics. It highlights the new developments and the potential problems with legislation, together with the benefits to end users of protection from fire hazards.

This review is accompanied by around 400 abstracts compiled from the Polymer Library, to facilitate further reading on this subject. A subject index and a company index are included.

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Plastic Guide to Polyethylene
Rapra Technology, 2005
By C. Vasile and M. Pascu

The Practical Guide begins with general background to the polyethylene family, with price, production and market share information. It describes the basic types of polyethylene including virgin & filled polyethylene, copolymers, block and graft polymers and composites, and reviews the types of additives used in polyethylene.Polyethylenes offer a wide range of properties due to differences in structure and molecular weight, and the Practical Guide gives the low down on the properties, including, amongst others, rheological, mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical properties.

The Practical Guide to Polyethylene is an indispensable resource for everyone working with this material.

Available for $90
Plus S & H

Practical Guide to Polyvinyl Chloride
Rapra Technology, 2005
By S. Patrick

Rapra's Practical Guide to PVC is packed with information for everyone working with PVC. It provides comprehensive background on the resins and additives, their properties and processing characteristics, as well as discussion of product design and development issues.

This book will be of interest to raw materials suppliers and processors or end-users of PVC, as well as anyone with a general interest in this versatile material.

Available for $90
Plus S & H

TPE 2006
Munich, Germany, 8-9 November 2006
Rapra Conference Proceedings

Now in its ninth year, this international conference is firmly established as Europe’s premier event for the thermoplastic elastomers industry. These proceedings focus on the latest TPE materials, performance, processing and applications.

Available for $180
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Polymer in Electronics 2007
Munich, Germany, 30-31 January 2007
Rapra Conference Proceedings

This conference saw presentations from all parts of the electronics industry’s materials supply chain, from raw materials to finished products and offered an opportunity to learn more about both traditional and new polymer materials, their markets, manufacturing processes and applications. It also covered the impact of legislation, the need to recycle and other polymer related challenges and opportunities for the industry.

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