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Wire & Cable Technology International is the Official Magazine of the IWCS, and the publisher of the IWCS Suppliers Exhibition Directory.

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Editors Report

Advanced Cable Asia 2014 Explores Growth Opportunities

Advanced Cable Asia 2014 explores new growth opportunities for wire and cable manufacturers with advanced solutions Integer Research, London is now pleased to welcome all wire and cable industry stakeholders to participate at the region’s leading industry event - Advanced Cable Asia 2014. Returning in its third year, the conference will take place on the 2-4th December in Shanghai, China. Asia’s economic situation remains robust, with moderate growth forecast to continue in China and India and a stable outlook across the South-East Asian region. The wire and cable industry are keen to understand how the current macro-economic environment will impact demand and what strategies they should be implementing to take advantage of future development opportunities. As the region’s largest economy, China makes up a quarter of the global wire and cable demand and continues to have the largest cable production market in the world. On-going projects such as the ‘West–East Electricity Transfer’ and the expanding high-voltage power grid network have been driving a growth in demand for advanced power cables, while high-end fibre optic cables are increasingly required for the ’12th Five Year’ projects like ‘Broadband China’ and IT data centre infrastructure. However, Integer Research has lowered its projection for growth in Chinese wire and cable demand slightly to 3.5% year on year between 2013 and 2018, which reflects the Chinese government’s policy on market consolidation and sustainable growth. It is believed that the Chinese wire and cable market will need to have a new round of market reshuffling in the next few years in order to clean up the overcapacity and poor quality production. To survive and stand out in this extremely competitive market place, many Chinese wire and cable producers recognise the need to implement more effective strategies to differentiate and standout including expansion into high-skilled sectors, stricter quality control schemes, and advanced automation of manufacturing processes. The South-East Asia market, as a whole, is expected to be one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, but the situation does vary country by country. Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are leading the way, while opportunities are also being seen in Myanmar, the Philippines and Singapore. Indonesia and Thailand, in particular, have been making large-scale investment into the sophisticated power transmission and telecommunication network infrastructure, which will trigger a huge demand for advanced power cables, telecom cables and fibre optic products. The forecasts for production given by Integer Research has indicated 6.5% CAGR in both Indonesia and Thailand by 2018. It is vital for any cable industry stakeholders who are currently in these markets or soon will be, to plan in advance for these emerging opportunities. More developed markets such as Japan and South Korea are experiencing a recovery to their pre-crisis levels. In the year 2013/2014, Japan consumed over 700k tons of copper for the wire and cable industry and the market almost levelled out. The major challenge for market players there is to understand the fragmentation of both the global and Asian wire and cable markets and to maintain their leading positions in the industry. The 3rd Advanced Cable Asia 2014 conference will provide the one-stop knowledge-sharing and networking platform for both global and Asian wire and cable executives to discuss the strategies and technologies needed to succeed in the advanced cable markets. The dedicated streams in advanced power cable and fibre optic sectors will identify the key market developments and growth areas for the wire and cable manufacturers, while uncovering the potential opportunities and technology-related demand for suppliers and solution providers. To find out more information about the 3rd Advanced Cable Asia 2014, please visit the conference website:

Post added on: 8/13/2014 11:23:53 AM


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